College degree or above, major in mechanical or mold, 3 years or above experience in connector automation development and management, can design or repair improved automation equipment, understand electric control and simple programming, can Pro / E or CAD.

More than one year quality management experience, engaged in connector industry is preferred, have a certain understanding of QC seven techniques and ISO9001; can independently handle quality related issues.

Technical secondary school degree or above, leader of connector industry with more than 1 year management experience, able to independently arrange production plan, strong concept of cost and quality, familiar with various production reports and be able to make them by themselves, obey management, and lead more than 30 people.

College degree or above, more than 5 years in foreign enterprises or large electronic accessories, field management experience in connector industry, more than 500 people working experience, strong pressure resistance, high loyalty, strong execution and sense of responsibility.

According to the company's production and operation plan and cost accounting, determine the annual work of the material department, more than 8 years of production management or material control work experience, proficient in the use of relevant work software and ERP system and other office software.

College degree or above, proficient in UFIDA ERP software, more than 3 years working experience in PMC management of connector industry, able to independently formulate production plan and order delivery date, strong sense of responsibility and initiative, good communication and coordination ability, and certain ability of data analysis and statistics.

More than 5 years working experience as warehouse supervisor in connector industry, familiar with electronic warehousing business process, understand storage and deployment of warehousing goods, and fully master warehouse business operation status. Skilled use of relevant work software, and skilled use of ERP system and other office software.

Able to complete independent mold erection and debugging, more than 3 years working experience in injection molding industry, proficient in the operation and maintenance of various injection molding machines, have a certain understanding of the characteristics of various plastic materials, strong quality awareness, good debugging and improvement methods for poor injection molding parts, experience in connector industry is preferred.

More than 2 years of experience in injection molding, familiar with injection molding process and 5S site management experience.

1. 1. More than 5 years working experience in injection molding workshop, and more than 3 years working experience as section head of injection molding workshop

2. Familiar with the working process and operation of injection workshop, familiar with product material performance and Haitian injection molding machine performance

3. Master production management knowledge and skills, strong sense of responsibility, independent work, strong interpersonal communication skills

4. Actively cooperate with the mold department, understand the mold maintenance principle, can independently deal with product problems and timely eliminate.

5. Familiar with the company management system, have rich experience in personnel management. 

6. Working experience in connector industry is preferred.